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Frequently Asked Questions

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You're very welcome to drop us a line with any queries. Perhaps the following information can help:

1. How does the refill system work?

Customers select an empty Reno Wine bottle (£2.00) and then choose one of our barrel tap wines to fill the bottle (£5.95). As soon as you can after finishing the wine rinse out the bottle a couple of times with clean water and allow to dry just like your washing up. Bring the bottle back to the shop and refill it with wine and only pay £5.95 - saving you £2.00 by reusing the bottle.

2. Do I have to have the same wine in my refilled bottle?

Reused Reno Wine bottles can be used to bottle any of our offered wines.

3. Can I return any container for refilling?

For now Reno Wine will accept only original Reno bottles for refilling.

4. What happens if I damage the original bottle?

Reno Wine is a friendly place so come in with the bottle and we can replace damaged closures or even the whole bottle if it means you will stay keen on reuse! Unfortunately if the bottle is completely smashed then it will simply be a case of having to buy another one.

Your thoughts...

"We are really enjoying having good wine that is consistently tasty and think the idea of reuse is of course very sensible!"

"I love getting my wine from Chris at Reno Wine. The wine is fantastic, consistently good quality and everyone who tries it wants to know where I get it from. I would recommend Reno Wine to anyone who wants great wine, great service and the knowledge that they are supporting a great local environmentally friendly business."

"A fantastic way to buy great quality wine. I was able to sit back and drink a tasty refreshing glass of white while knowing that I was caring for the environment by reusing the wine bottle. And every time I refill I save money. Cheers!"

Come and visit the Reno Wine shop - 15 Market Street, Wymondham, Norfolk, NR18 0AJ