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Crafted Cask world whisky

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Crafted Cask world whisky now available...

A marriage of Scottish, Spanish, Irish, Dutch, Indian, US, Netherlands, Canadian, English, French, Swedish, Lichtenstein, Swiss, Austrian and South African whiskies all contributing to a hugely appealing aromatic and rich whisky at 46.2% Alc.

'Crafted Cask' world whisky.

I've been working with well known whisky writer Dominic Roskrow on a new and very exciting refill idea which we're calling Crafted Cask.

Our customers can now have one of our very elegant cork stoppered bottles filled from a cask of 'World Whiskies'. The first batch was a marriage of Scottish, French and South African whiskies (as far ...
as we know the first time this has been done) which turned out to be very palatable - think deep golden with bold honeyed aromas in a very easy drinking whisky (Alc. 41.5%).

A bottle (approx. 25cl) of Crafted Cask whisky costs £22.50, then just like our refillable wine bottles, the empty bottle can be refilled at a discounted price (just £20).

What makes this product really interesting is that before the whisky cask is emptied we introduce additional whiskies, changing the taste profile, and giving a different whisky each time the bottle is refilled. Our barrel is not very large so we're drawing perhaps a dozen bottles before adding more whiskies to the marriage so each customer is one of only a handful to share the experience for each batch

You can come in and try before you buy - so come and take a look, have a taste and join a growing number of people enjoying a very special tipple.

We can gift wrap too if you wish to buy a truly unique present for your whisky fan friends and family - at no additional cost.

Your thoughts...

"We are really enjoying having good wine that is consistently tasty and think the idea of reuse is of course very sensible!"

"I love getting my wine from Chris at Reno Wine. The wine is fantastic, consistently good quality and everyone who tries it wants to know where I get it from. I would recommend Reno Wine to anyone who wants great wine, great service and the knowledge that they are supporting a great local environmentally friendly business."

"A fantastic way to buy great quality wine. I was able to sit back and drink a tasty refreshing glass of white while knowing that I was caring for the environment by reusing the wine bottle. And every time I refill I save money. Cheers!"

Come and visit the Reno Wine shop - 15 Market Street, Wymondham, Norfolk, NR18 0AJ